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Integrate and Automate with Workato

Simplify Operations with a Single Platform for Integration and Workflow Automation Across Your Organization

Efficiency Drives Impact

At Logicspin, we believe that effective integration and automation can help organizations achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. That's why we've partnered with Workato, the leading integration and automation platform, to provide our clients with the best-in-class solutions they need to succeed.

Tailored Automations, Unique Solutions

Every organization is different. That's why we work hand-in-hand with you to understand your specific requirements. We use Workato to design custom automation solutions, integrating them seamlessly into your existing operations to create a cohesive, efficient, and effective business ecosystem.

Crafting Customized Workato Solutions

As a Workato partner for the past three years, we've helped numerous organizations integrate and automate their applications, data, and workflows. Our partnership with Workato enables us to offer a range of integration and automation services, including:

Workato Consultancy
As a Workato partner, our extensive experience with Workato allows us to provide insightful consultancy, helping you leverage the platform to its fullest potential.
Custom Automation Solutions
We develop and implement custom recipes and automation workflows using Workato, driving efficiency and reducing manual workload.
Workato Connector SDK
With substantial expertise in using the Workato Connector SDK, we have developed custom connectors for OEM clients and successfully established their practices, playing a crucial role in shaping their standard recipe offerings and enhancing client interactions.

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