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In a world of interconnected technologies, seamless integration is the key to unlocking the full potential of your organization.

Simplifying Complexity

At Logicspin, we view integration as an opportunity to simplify, connect, and grow. We see it as more than just a technical task — it's about making your processes easier, bridging the gaps between teams, and fostering collaboration that drives your organization forward. With our custom integration services, we help you streamline operations and reduce manual tasks, providing real-time insights that enhance your impact. Every project is a chance to boost efficiency and improve the flow of information, empowering you to fulfill your mission more effectively.

Deep Understanding, Seamless Solutions

We approach every integration project with a deep understanding of your unique needs and challenges. With our extensive experience across a broad spectrum of technologies, we translate complexity into harmony, creating integrated solutions that align with your strategic goals and provide you with a more holistic view of your organization's operations.

Sage Intacct
SAP Concur
Oracle Netsuite
Intuit QuickBooks
Adobe Sign
Google Drive

Proven Expertise: Our Integration Portfolio

From Fluxx and OpenAI to and Salesforce, our experience spans a wide range of technologies, enabling us to deliver integrated solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Financial systems
Our team has experience integrating with a broad range of financial systems such as, Netsuite, SAP Concur, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Stripe, and custom banking systems, streamlining financial operations and ensuring accurate financial reporting.
Grant Management Integration
We help private foundations and grant-making organizations integrate their grant management systems like Fluxx, with their accounting, reporting, and analytics systems, enabling them to more effectively track grant applications, disbursements, and outcomes.
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AI and Machine Learning Platforms
Our experience with OpenAI and ChatGPT, enables us to create intelligent systems that can understand, learn, predict, and adapt. Through these integrations, we enable your organization to tap into cutting-edge AI capabilities, driving smarter and more efficient operations.
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Constituent Relationship Management
We help non-profits integrate their constituent relationship management systems, including NeonCRM and Salesforce, with their fundraising, volunteer management, and marketing systems, enabling them to better engage with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
Document Management Systems
We've integrated with various document management systems like Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Adobe Sign, making it easier for teams to store, share, and collaborate on documents securely and efficiently.
CRM Systems
We've developed seamless integrations with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics, enhancing customer relationships and driving sales efficiency.
Communication Platforms
We've integrated communication tools like Slack, Constant Contact, Outlook, and MailChimp, enabling smoother internal and external communication processes.
Geo-Data Intelligence
Utilizing Geocoding through Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, we provide advanced geo-data integrations, enabling your organization to effectively visualize information, derive spatial insights, and guide data-informed decision-making processes.
Tools & Platforms
We leverage leading integration platforms such as Workato, Microsoft Flow, and Zapier, as well as custom development, to deliver tailored integration solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.
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Let's Connect Your World

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