We are usability, design, and software development experts.

Our services provide measurable results for our clients, and greater online experiences for their customers.

logicspin's services range from business development, research/feasibility studies, through usability analysis, hosting, site redesign, content management systems, and custom web based applications. 

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on RailsWe have been developing full time with Ruby on Rails since the fall of 2005 - before Rails 1.0.  The Rails web framework provides an an incredibly productive development environment, and enables agile, iterative development easily adapting to changing business needs.

Our experience with Rails is deep - we've trained .NET and Java teams from the basics, best practices, testing, complex modeling and deployment, all the way through to scaling with memcached and performance tuning.

Bottom line:  we are Rails experts, and our experience combined with the productivity gains of the framework allow us to develop applications faster and at a lower cost than traditional software development.  

If your Rails project or team needs help, or if you would like to learn more about how this technology can reduce costs and get your product or idea to market faster - get in touch.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services (AWS) provides services based upon Amazon.com’s global computing infrastructure - including computing power (servers) and storage.  

We helped a recent client reduce their monthly hosting costs by 86% - a savings of over $13,000 per month - by moving their operations to run on Amazon EC2 and S3.  

Let us know if you would like to reduce your hosting costs and explore Amazon's offering.