menumill - restaurant websites

Menumill makes it simple to manage your restaurant website.  Menumill is a hosted content management system with specialized tools for the restaurant industry.  Easily build menus, menu items, galleries, events and blogs - all done with our simple, easy to use tools.  No technical knowledge required - if you can write an email, you can manage your website. 

Designers love it!  Menumill uses the liquid templating language to provide complete design control - including all CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Highly optimized for search engines, it incorporates industry best practices for pretty URL's (full url control), automatic sitemap.xml and robots.txt generation, 301 redirects, and complete control of generated code.

Although Menumill's marketing focuses on the Restaurant Industry, it is extremely flexible and can be used for any industry.  For example, it is currently powering the website of a professional freeskier, a Hawaii Architecture firm, a Whistler Property Management company, as well as this site!

Visit Menumill at: http://www.menumill.com